Hotcote uses high tensile wire, coated in a highly conductive carbon compound which can deliver electric shock. It can be used as your entire fence or in conjunction with Horserail to create the exact look you desire. Installation hardware features a patented procedure for attaching, joining and tensioning the coated wire providing a clean, neat look while being safe for both horse and rider. There is no stripping, crimping or notching needed and the end result is a properly installed fence with no exposed wires.

  • High Tensile 2.5mm galvanized fencing wire encased in high quality medium density polyethylene to create a safe 10mm thick highly visible wire, electrified through strands.

  • Each Hotcote wire has a breaking strain of 600 kilograms

  • 4 points of electrification are carried through the carbon compound

  • 20 Year Guarantee

  • Available in three colours: Black, Brown and White.

    • 25​0m rolls in black, brown and white

    • 400m rolls in white ONLY

A. High Tensile Wire

B. Long-Life UV Stabilized Non-Conductive     Medium Density Polyethylene

C. Highly Conductive Carbon Compound



A: Donut Tensioner

The quickest tighteners available! No stripping/crimping needed. This no saw tooth design is safer for horses and riders. Comes with 2 Stainless Steel Locking pins.

B: Joining Buckle

A quick and secure method to join coated wires without stripping or crimping.

C: Straight Attaching Insulated Buckle

With HDG washer. For use on square posts or buildings.

D: Pre-Bent 45 Degree Attaching Buckle

With HDG washer. For use on round posts

E: Inside 90 Degree Roller

Made of heavy duty materials. For use on corners to continue the flow of the wire.

F: Bolts

Used for both C & D above.