Horserail Benefits 

Horserail has many benefits for both rider and horse. These include safety, easy installation and low maintenance to name a few. 


Horserail and its accompanying hardware has no sharp edges that could potentially injure your horses. The rail has a tensile strength of approximately 2000kg, so there is no danger of a horse being able to break through the fence. 
Should a horse become briefly trapped in the fence (see right), the rail is flexible enough to allow the horse to escape without injury but also rigid enough to prevent the rail from wrapping around one of the horses legs. 

Strength & Durability 

With a limited manufacturers warrantee of 30 years, Horserail has unmatched durability. Unlike traditional wooden post and rail, Horserail won't fade, warp or become brittle in extreme weather conditions. 
This stems from Horserail's innovative manufacturing processes and the use of the highest quality materials. 
Even during the most unforeseen circumstances such as storm damage (see left), the obstruction can be removed and the rail will simply spring back into place. 

Easy Installation & Low Maintenance 

Horserail is easy to install and provided you have the time and a little know-how, does not need to be put in place by a professional fencing contractor. 
Once Horserail is correctly installed it requires very little maintenance. The rail will keep its appearance over time and will never need to be painted. In addition to this, Horserail's hardware is powder coated and galvanised to ensure little or no corrosion will take place. 

Fully Electrifiable 

Horserail features a conductive carbon plastic compound that allows the rail to be fully electrified. The rail is very low in resistance making it possible for the current to be carried over long distances. Furthermore, all of Horserails accompanying hardware is insulated to ensure safety for you and your horses. 
We strongly recommend electrifying your Horserail enclosure as it significantly reduces the habit of cribbing or biting the fence. 

Economical & Versatile 

With the improvements in manufacture and larger volumes, the cost of Horserail now matches and usually betters traditional Post and Rail fencing. 
However, the real saving is to be made in the longevity of the product. Horserail will out-last traditional post and rail by up to 30 years in cases. 
But that's not all! Horserail is adaptable to a wide variety of applications such as paddocks, lunging rings, gallops, arenas and horse walkers to name but a few. 

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